Parade of Homes 2022

Keuler Construction has a long history with the Parade of Homes. After participating for 11 years in the Parade of Homes. Keuler Construction decided to stop building parade homes in 2007. The reasoning behind this decision was the decline in quality/ craftsmanship in the Parade and the lack of client interest in the selected sites. With the addition of scattered site Parade Homes, Keuler Construction has found an opportunity to re-enter the Parade of Homes while maintaining our extremely high level of quality and this shift to a scattered site allows our clients to find the perfect building site for them. We plan on continuing to enter the scattered site Parade of Homes each year and we will be showing some of our best homes. Quality and craftsmanship are the most important aspect of building to us, and we are excited to share some of our creations with the public.

Click the photo below to see more pictures of our award winning 2022 Spring Parade Home