Not only are they dedicated to what they do but they are there for you at all times of need. If I had to call for anything, they were there, the day of, or the next day. We never had to wait for any repairs, done. Their dedication is unlimited. They will do what ever it takes to make the customer happy and your home perfect, just as you want it.

The construction of our lovely home, was better than perfect. The insulation was done so well, our heating costs dropped to half. Our home was finished, on the date they promised and that was wonderful. We did not wait for anything. If Willy said it would be, it was!

We are dedicated to this, more than TOP CLASS CO., in every way. They are good, honest people and a GREAT TEAM!

Thank You, Willy and Team for a wonderful, well constructed home. The touch of beauty could never have been as great with someone else. You not only take care of your customers, YOU CARE. If we ever build again, it will be with you.

John, Sami & Jason DuBois

We had heard great things about Keuler Construction and when we were lucky enough to buld with Willy found out that they were all true. Great quality, great ideas, great people…

From start to finish a most enjoyable experience. We love our home and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Bo & Kelly Ryan

When going through the building process we interviewed four builders, we had picked them through prior parade homes we had visited and their reputation on the street. Keuler was the last company we had met with. What we liked about dealing with Willy and his crew was that they listened. It took us weeks to finalize the plans and every time they took them back to the architect, no one ever made us feel like we wwre being rushed into accepting what was in front of us. After we had the plans Willy walked us through the next steps and it was painless, this was our first time building a home so we were flying blind. The home turned out great and probably the most important and impressive part was the service after the home was finished. We has some minor things here and there, Willy, Dave and Bart handled them quickly and professionally with no excuses. Our home is four years old now and Keuler Construction has still satisfied any issued we have had way beyond the standard warranty period. In our opinion you will not go wrong having Keuler Construction buld you a cottage or a castle.

The Abozeid’s

We are so pleased with our home built by Keuler Construction. We had admired the quality of Keuler for many years when visiting the Prade of Homes so when we had an opportunity to design and build our dream home, we chose Keuler Construction. The workmanship and attention to detail was outstanding – employees and sub-contractors were truly committed – and we enjoyed the working relationship we had with them from start to finish.

We would definitely recommend Keuler Construction to anyone who wants a solid, artistic, detailed home – from the inside and out – from duct work and roof to beautiful woodwork – Keuler delivers. We are so happy with our house.

Ruth Kramer

Over three years ago my wife, a real estate agent, showed the model at Seminole Prairie Condominiums to a perspective client. After seeing this unit she cme home and said we need to consider buying one ourselved. She described it as ‘the best product in the Madison condo market’. Since moving into our new condo home in February 2005 we couldn’t be happier. The design and quality of the condo wuch as spacious room sizes, complete finishing on both levels, custom cabinetry, and screenporch are wonderful. All the staff at Keuler Construction including their sub-contractors have been vert easy to deal with during construction and all issues taken care of promptly after we moved in.

Mike & Mary Bosold

Choosing a builder is the first & most important step in the process of building anew home. It becomes an even more important decision when you are professionally involved in the housing industry. As a husband & wife real estate team, we have the opportunity to know many builders & to be involved with the construction process with numerous clients.

Being so highly involved in the real estate marketplace made our decision much easier. When we decided to build a new home, it was clear to us that Keuler Construction was the correct choice. We know that we were demanding clients, but Willy met all of our expectationa and we enjoy the quality craftmanship in our home every time we turn the key.

Michael & Sherry Lessing

When we decided to build a new home, we were aware of Keuler Construction form building sites within our neighborhood and from the Parade of Homes show. We were impressed with the styles, workmanship, and quality of what was built for the price. During the building of our house we found everyone easy to work with and very flexible about changes thoughout the process. We also liked all of the contractors Keuler used. Now that we have been in our house for four years, we find it to be everything we expected.

We love our home!

Marty & Bev Rosenberg

Willy and his staff made our house building experience one that was enjoyable and easy, particularly since we continued to live in Minnesota during the entire construction process. They were always helpful with the questions we had throughout the entire process.

The quality and craftsmenship is excellent. The attention to detail and excellent crafstmanship is reflected throughout our home.

We recommend Keuler Construction to other people desiring to build a house.

Mark & Carolyn Hartich

After searching for over 4 months all over the Madison area, my wife and I found our dream home! We walked into the new condo homes of Seminole Prairie and could not believe what Keuler Construction offered us! The design and craftsmanship of the condo homes were perfect for us and we knew immediately we had found our new home.

Working with Willy, Michelle, all their talented staff and tradesmen was an amazing and satisfying experience – they couldn’t do enough for us!

Marianne & Al Stadi

We chose to build with Keuler Construction for a number of reasons, such as liking other houses they had built, but the most important reason was the personal touch. Willy was on site every day, and really knew what was going on. I don’t think this is true of some bigger contractors. We like the fact that this is a small local business which could provide very personal service, When we were building, Willy and Michelle were like family! We could (and did) call any time and get our questions answered. In fact, 9 years later, we still sometimes call Willy when a question or problem comes up, and he is always able to help. If we built another home, we would definitely go with Keuler Construction again.

Ken & Kathy DeSantes

Hiring Keuler Construction to build our home was one of the smartest moves we ever made. Working with Willy was such a pleasant experience from start to finish. He maintained high standards of craftsmanship for himself and the people that worked with him — always on the job making sure things were being done properly. When we wanted to make changes to our original plan Willy was open to our ideas and made every attempt to incorporate them, One of his favorite expressions was “no problem”. Even after we moved into our home Keuler Construction responded in a timely manner to any requests for minor adjustments/repairs. We remember our building experience fondly and if we were ever to build again Keuler Construction would definitely be our first call.

Jon & Deirdre Makielski

My wife and I chose Willy to build our house after looking at several houses that we really liked and were impressed by the workmanship. What we didn’t know at the time was that all of those houses were built by the same builder, Willy. We have never regretted choosing Willy as our builder. Throughout the process he was great to work with, and when problems came up (which they inevitably do) Willy just took care of it. We were so pleased with the quality of our home, when it came time to do some remodeling and finish off the basement we went back to Keuler Construction.

Joe & Carrie Bellissimo

We chose Keuler Construction to design and build our moderate-sized custom 3 BR/3 BA ranch after a fruitless search of existing and newly constructed homes Keuler’s construction quality and attention to details was unsurpassed by other high quality builders. Examples of Keuler’s high building standards were: exquisite cabinetry, all copper plumbing (except drains), full nine foot ceilings on the lower level, no shoe molding, and integrated multi-zone in-floor heating and HVAC.

Willy and architect Kevin Blum designed a Prairie-style home meeting our expectations for spaciousness, lots of natural light, and high end upgrades while also meeting rigorous Homeowner Association restrictions. Other quality builders submitted bids, but Keuler offered the most value and cost confic=dence backed by subcontractor bids, not estimates. Our experiences dus=ring construction were equally rewarding. Keuler’s subcontractors not only have the highets workmanship standards, they were always accessible to us for option selection and guidance on-site. Whenever we had a concern, Dave or Bart would respond promptly and always provided satsifactory resolutions. Everything went according to schedule and we were in our new home 6 months after construction started. Keuler has homored all first year warrantee issued satifactorily withour question or delay.

Jerry & Shirley Spade

We chose Keuler for (3) reasons:

1. Availability of lots on the premier developments in the Mdaison area.

2. The Keuler Parade of Homes always had the look and feel of what we thought “home” should be.

3. A commitment to quality with glowing referrals from past clients.

Jeff DeLaura

We picked Keuler Construction to build our new home for a number of reasons. First and foremost was Keuler Construction’s very obvious commitment to quality and detail in the homes they build. Our first exposure to a Keuler Construction home was in the Annual Madison Parade of Homes. The year we attended the “parade”, Keuler Construction’s home was, in our opinion, the home that stood out among the rest. No one else even came close. Secondly, it was important to us to build with a builder with whom we felt comfortable. We found Willy and Michelle Keuler to be very friendly, warm, downto earth people, who were good listeners and genuinely interested in building the house of our dreams without pressuring us to select them. It was easy choosing and trusting Keuler Construction to build our dream.

Jane Gardner

We were most impressed with Keuler Construction in the quality and integrity of their work along with the friendliness and approachability of Willy and everyone else involved with building our home. Their promptness and attentiveness in addressing our dreams, desires and concerns made building a home with Keuler Construction a very pleasurable experience. When we built our home, a unique and rewarding relationship was formed the first time Willy said “trust me on this”.

With Keuler Construction, You’re not just a client you’re also a friend.

Gary & Penny Anderson